The Bar Tour – Pub Crawl

The Bar Tour

Reykjavík by night



Let’s be honest: even in a place as beautiful as Iceland, life just looks better after a beer. Or two. Or five.

Want to get introduced to the Reykjavik bar scene? Best part? Drinks are on us! You’ll get a free drink in each of the first three bars that we visit and a big discount on as many drinks as you fancy in the last bar/night-club. We promise you to have an amazing night and some unforgettable memories from Iceland…

Well, unforgettable unless you have a few drinks too many. But even then: we promise not to judge 

Book your spot on our Pub Crawl now and reserve your place on the tour, before we run out of beer!

Price : 6,990 ISK per person

where do we meet

We meet in front of Hallsgrímskirkja Church in downtown Reykjavík at 22:00.